About Jennifer Niemiroski

Thanks for visiting my Portfolio. I am an artist who loves to create colorful, vibrant works of art. Watercolor, acrylic, pen, and gouache are some of my favorite media. My pen illustrations have been described as humorous and folksy. Nature photography is also a passion of mine.

I have always loved to draw and paint since I was very young. Drawing cute little creatures or cartoon characters has always been my greatest pleasure. The love of art has always been a part of who I am. Always sketching, drawing, sharing. It wasn't until more recent years that I began to branch out into using more color in my works. This has opened up a whole new world to my view!

Lots of color and fluidity find their way into my creations. You will find that I infuse my paintings with impressionistic style. After the initial inspiration, planning and sketching, color comes into play. I don't always follow the color scheme of the original photo or object and its surroundings. Instead, I tend to paint in the moment and let the color and style flow out of my mind and onto my painting. 

During the late 1990's, my works were published in a magazine for children. Various commissioned works have also been done for people or schools through the years. I am currently teaching art classes for several groups of children in the area. It is great sharing the joy of creating art! 

I find that I have a happier outlook on life when I am drawing, photographing, or painting. I like to make others smile by sharing my works with them. It is my goal to bring some sunshine into this world.

I hope you receive a bit of that sunshine and joy from my works today! :)

 If a you want a commissioned painting done for you, please visit my shop on http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-jennifer-niemiroski.html and leave me a private message with your contact information. 

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